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Boots Witch Hazel

Boots tea tree is an all-natural and exfoliating pad line that provides feet with a healthy, clean surface to feet, this line grants everything your feet need including witch hazel, black pepper, and cumin for a revitalizing effect. Plus, the kindergarten teacher in you will be happy to know that these pads are also good for the immune system.

Witch Hazel Face Lotion

This witch Hazel facial wash is first-rate for taking care of your skin! It contains 150 mg of manchester coal, which is known to help improve healthy skin by protecting it from the outside world, the scrub is produced up of 150 g of tea tree, lavender, and lavender oil, and the mask is produced up of 50 g of witch hazel, lavender, and lavender oil. This wash is top for people who yearn to enjoy their skin without any harsh chemicals, top quality tea tree and witch Hazel Boots in a soft, lightweight fabric. They are outstanding for a night where you need a healthy up-date on your beauty routine, the Boots are also effective in treating skin conditions such as eczema, dry skin, and even prevent cancer. Boots tea tree is a soft, witch Hazel based toner that is top-of-the-heap for the skin below, the natural tea tree oil and berry jelly create a refreshing and calming scrub. The scrub is able to clean and to nate the skin making it a sensational alternative for individuals with skin is a refreshing and clean tea tree oil or witch Hazel jelly facial scrub, it as well a good source (the active extract from tea tree oil) and other important ingredients such as red grapefruit seed oil. This scrub is produced to leave your skin feeling refreshed and young-looking.